Features Description
Intelligent Web Filtering eKAVACH’s real-time filtering technology gives you insight into your child’s online activity. It enables you to block specific web categories, sites, in appropriate content, set appropriate time limits, limit access by days or times of day, and enable “safe search” to block harmful sites from search results. Also receive real-time notifications of any violations on your phone.

Application Management

Knowing what applications your child is using and what these application are used for, is the key to understand your child’s productivity. eKAVACH will tell you which apps they use, new ones they installed, how much time they spend on it, so that you can ensure your child focuses on what they must.

Access Control

eKAVACH presents you simple to use and easy to configure controls to customize each child’s internet experience. You can choose to block sites by category or specific sites, set appropriate usage time limits, limit access by days or time of day. You may also enable safe search to eliminate harmful sites from search results.

Real-time alerts

It is re-assuring to know that eKAVACH is monitoring your child’s online activities real-time all the time. It looks for questionable activities and sends an instant notification to your phone. If your child visits a potentially harmful site, or has a suspicious conversation with someone on a social site, you’ll know right away through the instant notification.

Smartphone Notifications & Dashboard

No need to wait for an email or log-on to a web page to know about your child’s online activity. eKAVACH you will send real time notifications to your phone the moment any boundaries set by you have been breached by your child. With eKAVACH parent App on your phone, you can review all notifications received and analyse your child’s internet activity anytime – anywhere.

Multi user and flexible family definition
eKAVACH lets you monitor all your children by flexible family definition. In a family one can map multiple children to a parent or one child to multiple parents. With the ability to customize each child’s internet experience you can monitor and control as many devices as you need. Irrespective of the mode of access, you’ll be able to keep your kids safe online.