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In today’s technologically advanced and fast paced life where both parents work, it can be difficult to raise kids so that they grow into intelligent and assertive adults. Added to this, schools have fewer teachers for several children and thus your child doesn’t get enough attention in school too. From doing well in school to be good in other activities it’s really important your kids are smart enough to deal with the huge competition everywhere. If your child doesn’t get enough attention, they will probably not grow up as you want them to.

So be a smart parent and do what you can at home to help your child become smart. That doesn’t mean you need to home school your kid, there are several other things you can do.

Kids have a potential to be very smart and thus with little support from you, your average kids or kids who don’t do well in school can become smart.

smart kid

Use these one-on-one strategies:

Talk to your kid:

By doing this you can develop your child’s verbal communication skills. Pay attention when your kid speaks. This will reinforce his endeavor to communicate and develop verbal communication skills.

Interpret books to them:

Increase your kids’ language skills by reading to him. Your kids might not understand the terminology initially, but will be curious and develop reading skills and that can help him be successful in life. Reading is one of the most vital habits of smart kids.

Let your kids play and play with them:

Play math games and word games with your kids. Allow him to play games with other kids and help him learn to merge thoughts and have new experiences with them.

Craft music in their life:

Music can help in improving memory, learning and help kids to concentrate better. Let him join classes to learn musical instrument. This way he develops a new skill and also develops a sequential way to think which could help him be good at math.

Let them see you do smart things:

Kids learn whatever adults do. If he sees that you are occupied in doing smart things such as writing, doing something artistic, reading book, writing etc. he will probably develop an interest for that and become smart.

Brain Gym:

Brain gym is good for you and your kid. So learn brain gym and teach him too and do it together. A lot of schools use this in classrooms. So do this simple activity that is easy, effective and quick too.

Watch television together:

Watch television with your kids. Have fun with them while they watch their favorite cartoon. Introduce them to TV shows of kids that could be beneficial for them.

Know what is happening at school:

Take interest in what your child does at school. Guide him to do his homework and school projects. If you take interest in what they are doing, they will probably stop nagging about doing homework or project work.

Take him to buy grocery with you:

Let him help you at the grocery store with reading labels, estimating the cost, comparing products etc. This is fun and smart learning activity for them.

Let him play video games:

Let your child play video games that will help him learn things while having fun. This is an excellent way to learn and your kid would love to do this learning activity.

Use these strategies and boost your kids’ brain power and help them become smart kids!



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