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Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing app, is the fastest growing social media application, especially among teenagers and young adults. While it’s true that Instagram is flooded with ‘duck faced selfies’ and ego boosting videos, the popular social media app also has people posting wonderful pictures of their neighbourhood, their favourite hangouts and especially their recent vacations. The very idea of Instagram being a visual medium, in addition to the several cool and artsy image filters it offers, makes Instagram the chosen social media app for those wishing to post their vacation pictures. Plus, most of the pictures on Instagram are hash tagged and marked with a location map (geo tagging), making Instagram a great tool to plan a memorable vacation. All you have to do is search with relevant and appropriate hash tags.


So, for those who feel Instagram is a waste of time, here are few suggestions on how to use Instagram to make your next vacation an enjoyable and memorable one.

  • Search up the finest spots to visit: While websites and travel guides would probably provide only the known tourist spots, searching Instagram pictures of the destination you wish to visit can yield several places you would have never thought of, including several scenic spots known only to the locals or the seasoned traveler.
  • Enjoy the tastiest local food: Are you visiting a new city and hesitant of where to eat? Use Instagram to find the best trending restaurants, the favoured local dishes and read personalized reviews as well!
  • Discover new activities: Those interested in adventure holidays can use Instagram to find the best adventure sports/activities available at their vacation destination. Bungee jumping, kayaking, or paragliding, you will find pictures of them all.
  • Find the best place to stay: Not sure of your accommodation? Travelers with Instagram accounts regularly post pictures of where they stay, and mostly the hotel or resort is hash tagged and geo tagged.
  • Shop for great souvenirs: Why take home the boring souvenirs sold in regular tourist shops? Use Instagram search to find out the best places to get local handicrafts or artworks and surprise your loved ones with great souvenirs from your trip.
  • Get great photo ideas: Part of travel nowadays is taking great photographs to share on your various social media apps. Use Instagram to get creative ideas on how to take the best vacation shots.

Finally, here are a few dos and don’ts to remember if you plan on Instagramming your vacation as well. Do post good quality pictures of your best memories. Include your preferred places, the most scenic spots and something local, like your favourite dish or a good place to shop. Do hash tag and geo tag. Don’t, however, post insensitive pictures, like photographs of locals going about their routine or of people you don’t personally know. Don’t use too many hash tags or geo tag a place where you are at the moment (it can be dangerous).

Have you discovered any other Instagram uses that you would like to share with us? Do leave them in the comments box below.



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