5 Characters from the Harry Potter Series Who Gave the World Serious Parenting Goals

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Possible spoilers ahead

Everyone, adult or child, who was alive through the Harry Potter revolution knows that the world changed forever when Queen Rowling put these masterpieces out. The world changed and everyone began looking up to this series, for one reason or the other. Children loved the magic and the heroism that Harry Potter showed. But there was one more silent show of heroism, one we see every day, that was being made throughout the series that inspired so many adults across the world: that of the parent figures.

Here are five characters from the series who showed what it is like to be a parent, but also showed one how to be a parent.

5.Narcissa Malfoy: Maybe not someone you were expecting, given that the Malfoys were on Voldemort’s party. But Narcissa Malfoy risked her neck by lying to the Dark Lord about Harry’s death, just to get back to the castle and get to her son.

4.Sirius Black: He was Harry’s godfather, but he was as emotional about Harry as James probably would be. Agreed, we mostly saw his grumpiness at being locked up, even outside Azkaban. But when he wasn’t grumpy, he was being the trusted advisor, of course, not losing his prankster touch or the boldness that he and James had when they were at Hogwarts. And he died fighting to save Harry.

3.Arthur Weasley: Father to seven children, Arthur did everything in his power to ensure that his children had nothing to complain about. Of course, he had his eccentricities that eventually trickled down to his children. But when it came to protecting his children and even Harry, who he thought of as his own son, he was as fierce as a forest fire.

2.Molly Weasley: She cried when a boggart turned into each of her family, sprawled dead on the floor. She blasted Bellatrix Lestrange to smithereens for trying to lay a wand on her daughter. She smothered Harry with a welcome love and affection that he had never experienced. She berated her children, and even her husband, if they put a toe out of line. But in the process, she showed the world her greatness as a mother.

1 . Lily and James Potter: They died to save Harry, their only child. They tried to protect him from Voldemort in a variety of ways. The only thing that led to him finding them was a betrayal. When Voldemort did arrive at their doorstep, they tried to keep him off, but in the process, got killed, trying to save their only son. A parent will always put their child’s life before theirs and Lily and James Potter were/are the true picture of what a parent should be like.

Special Mention: Severus Snape: Though he was not a parent, he protected Harry like a parent would, despite knowing that Harry had his arch-enemy’s blood running through his veins in addition to that of the woman he loved.

For those parents who haven’t read the series, please do read it, and ask your children to read it, not only to gain a parenting perspective that the characters exude, but to also unleash a written masterpiece on your and your child’s imagination.


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