5 Digital Mom Blogs You Must Follow


Mothers have always been multitaskers and balance a lot of responsibilities with ease and élan. While some people might ignorantly feel that moms have no idea about technology and are pretty much clueless about gadgets, it is far from the truth. Mothers nowadays, are among the most active users of social media, explore tech features at length and compare gadgets, apps, software etc. before purchase

That’s why we are talking about 5 popular mom bloggers who are digitally savvy and bring to you the latest and the best in the tech world, through their entertaining blogs. Since they are moms, they relate to the questions and problems that parents usually have related to technology and kids and give easy practical solutions to every digital query.

So let’s put the spotlight on these tech moms.

5 Digital Mom Blogs You Must Follow


  1. Digital Mom Blog

That’s a catchy name right? Molly Thornberg, the mom blogger behind the Digital Mom Blog is a self-confessed tech lover. Her blog caters to moms who want to read about parenting combined with the latest in mom technology, gadget reviews, keeping abreast with what their kids on the internet and keeping their kids safe online.

Enjoy DigitalMomBlog.com (http://www.digitalmomblog.com/)


  1. Cool Mom Tech

An intersection between tech and style of parenting and fabulosity is how its founders, Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner, describe Cool Mom Tech. As moms they talk about the everyday use of tech in our lives and that’s what millions of parents love to read on this blog. Whether it’s talking about the best sleep tracking apps out there, the latest wireless speaker, tips and tricks for the iPhone or the best geeky gifts for valentine, they cover it all on their blog.

Check out coolmomtech.com (http://coolmomtech.com/)


  1. Cybermum India

Cybermum India is India’s very own Anindita Mishra, who has been appointed by McAfee to use their company platform to blog about the dangers children face online and how to keep kids safe. Cybermum blogs about fending off cyber attacks, cloud storage and security and how to keep kids safe on social media, among other topics.



  1. iMum

The iMum team comprise of four mothers from different parts of the world- Amanda, Alison, Mary and Grace. The iMums are dedicated to educating parents about the best digital stories, educational apps, fun games and technology products available for their children.

They also offer the latest news in apps for kids, interesting articles, developer interviews, free apps and regular giveaways. They also have a category of apps’ reviews of apps for special needs children.

Visit iMum.com (http://www.theimum.com/)


  1. The iPhone Mom

Dedicated to reviewing every app under the sun and having already 3000+ app reviews in every possible category, makes the iPhone mom a must read digital mom blog. iPhone mom has a whole team of moms who review each and every app with a mother’s point of view.

But it’s not just apps’ reviews that have made the iPhone mom popular, they cover every aspect of an iPhone, whether it is controlling your lights using iPhone or improving your iphone 6 battery life.

Visit TheiPhoneMom.com (http://www.theiphonemom.com/)



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