Does Your Child’s Online Presence Compensate for His Lack of Social Skills?

Keeping in mind that the world today is steeped in technology everywhere, it is important for one to have an online presence; sort of a portfolio. This is useful in building a wider outreach. For example, I am a new author and the audiences in the market do not know who I am. So if I am to show myself and my work to a larger section, then I need to go all out in the way of marketing myself and my book. I create a page for my book on Facebook, one for myself as an author and keep posting updates so that visibility increases. Such is the importance of online presence.
As adults, we understand the necessity for online presence and we use it for purposes that are furthering our business or personal goals. But children have a different perspective of the Internet. They use it to interact with friends, to watch videos and play games. This is not to insinuate that adults do not indulge in these activities, but adults are past the age of building their social skills. We as adults now know the intricacies of dealing with people. We were born in an age when the world was not steeped in technology. We went out and played and interacted face to face. Not through typed words or by being a face on other’s screens.
But the generation after ours was born into technology. They have much more knowledge of gadgets and the world. Give them a new gadget, they’ll learn its features and how to use it within a few hours; give them a new technology, they’ll master it in days.
Mastery of something is what every parent wishes for. But when a child’s social interaction is limited to online activity, it’s time for serious action. Getting ahead in life and developing an overall personality also means learning interpersonal skills, to handle people as they are and not as just a faceless entity on the Internet. Being stuck inside the memory of a destructible device for entertainment or business or any other purposes does not mean that your child magically develops social skills.
Well, if he/she is adept at handling both, there is nothing like it. It is a reflection of how you have brought your child up; with the right mix of values, technology, and an understanding of the importance of a social presence. A social presence in its most basic, primal meaning.
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