Digital Literacy for the New Age Parents

In an era more famously known as the digital age, it is just impossible to remain away from digital media. Today, digital media is not just an element of our life but a lean-to it. Though today, everyone brings into play some or the other forms of digital media with them, children are the most fascinated by it. Though using the modern paraphernalia does have many benefits, there is also the need to maintain caution. That is why new age parents do have to possess what is called digital literacy or the knowledge of using an assortment of means of digital devices.

Be a Better Parent with Digital Literacy
Of course, the need to instill values and manners exists today more than any time but at the same time, it is important as a new-age parents, to instill ‘digital values’ in your kids. Today, children as young as four are able to use tablets, computers and so on. Children below 10 are on social media sites. All these mean that if you want to have improved parenting skills, you too get on the computer!
While it is not prudent to stop your kids from using internet or any digital devices as they also contain loads of useful information, it is also imperative to control the usage without having to tell that directly. First, find what your children like, whether it is games, or being on social media apps. Then, be on these sites along with your child. Enjoy the time that you spent on computer thus and in a fun way, explain to kids, some manners that they will have to follow while on the internet.
For example they have to respect others on social media and they should also know what to share and what not. Also, it is important to let them know that it is not a fine idea to chat with strangers. Explain to them about the dangers on the digital platform. Teach your child about self-respect by explaining to them how to deal with cyber bullying.
While children of all ages love online gaming, as a parent, you should be aware of the gaming sites that they access. Whether you love games or hate, you should not only find about the sites, you should also join in by learning how to play. In this way, you can keep a check on your child without them having to find you as a nuisance.
Learn about the usage of tablets and smartphones and find out how you can use certain settings to ensure that your children will be able to access only age-appropriate websites when you are away. If your child insists on downloading certain apps, as a parent you should first find about them yourselves before deciding if they are needed or not.
Parenting is all about turning your child into a good human being and instilling basic values. Even on digital platforms, these traits are as much important as in the real world and that is what you will be able to inculcate in your children, if you possess digital literacy. Be literate digitally now!

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