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Online gaming is a mammoth entertainment industry for both kids and adults alike. There are available different apps for both kids and adults gaming. With the kids becoming more technologically advanced and net savvy they squander quite a portion of their time in front of the computer playing virtual games on net. The online world is a perilous place for kids to be left without supervision. Unintentionally, the kids lurch upon content which is not suitable to their age. They can bump into content which could be offensive, pornographic or violent in nature. Therefore, it is every parent’s responsibility to monitor over the sites which their kids surf and control their gaming to using kid friendly apps. It becomes exceedingly crucial for parents to see that their kids have a good play time in a safe and secure environment.
The various steps a parent can do to keep a tab on their children’s online gaming are:-
1) Give time to your children – There could be nothing more fun to a child than his father or mother playing a game with him. This way the child gets to spend quality time with their parent and also the parent gets to monitor and choose which game and website is best suitable for his child.
2) Set parental controls – When you choose a particular game for a child you get to choose the various options in it for what type content is available to your child to which websites are allowed for him to browse. Parents can also block such sites which content adult content in it. As a parent it also becomes necessary to check history of website visited by your child to know what type of content he is exposed to.
3) Set limits for communication with online gamers – In online gaming there are options of text messages and also voice messages where players across the world interact with each other. We need to set guidelines for our children as to what type of communication can our kids get involved in and who they interact with. It is very important for parents to regulate who their children befriend on gaming sites also give their approval for friends’ request which they get.
4) Regulate over their online behaviour – Few apps and games block users from their sites in case of misbehaviour or failure to conduct them in an appropriate fashion. Therefore parents should explain to their children how to conduct themselves on an online forum.
5) Account Security – There are many fraudsters out there preying on children to hack into their accounts and systems to gain personal private information of the family. Therefore parental supervision becomes very important to keep your account safe.


Fortunately for parents there are a number of apps designed to assist in monitoring what our children play and to make suitable choices on their behalf. One such excellent tool is the KEYSTROKE LOGGER. This tool helps the parents to keep a tab on which game the child is playing, who he is playing with, when was he playing and for how long he was playing. This tool also records which sites have been visited by the user and takes screenshots of the pages visited and also blocks dangerous sites.
Play time is fun for children and parents can make it more enjoyable for them by allowing them what is good for their age and setting limits to what they can view and play. They need to fix a particular time or duration where the kids can have their share of fun after which they need to put off the computer. Too much of online exposure is never advised for kids of young age. Parental guidance to their children is very essential for good future development of children.
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