Going Digital is Important for Parents!

The age of Internet today is different than what it was decades ago and it is imperative that parents recognize the importance of technology and utilize social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram etc., in their day-to-day life. Kids are definitely better and well accustomed than parents in using these applications. Parents ought to do their best to learn about digital media.

Read on to know your level of digital literacy and why getting digital is vital to help kids use digital media in a better way and right way. This will help them think, learn and succeed in their academics and beyond.bigstock-Mother-And-Teenage-Children-Us-13916621edit-900x326

Old times won’t come back:

Times have changed. Technology is the new mode of life and taking up an important role in everything we do. What should you worry about as technology grows each day? We’ve switched from books to internet at home, blackboards to digital boards in schools, notepads to to-do apps on mobile phones and more. Gone are the days when one used the dictionary to find the meaning of a word, a synonym or even a phrase. It is all about using the World Wide Web on smart phones, tablets, Ipads, laptops, personal computers and more today to get the smallest of the information needed.  Parents should be willing to change and not fear about technology as this helps in preparing kids for the future. Don’t stop your kids from using technology; however, show them the right way to use it. And for this, you, as parents need to be acquainted with technology adept gadgets.

Understand how your child learns and use that method:

A child has different learning styles; visual, audio, kinesthetic etc. Understand your child’s learning style and encourage them to learn using technology. If your child loves to write or express in words, help him create a blog specifically about the family or help him use social media to express his thoughts. Encourage them to think by using audio recording, video recording and emails. If your child is an auditory learner, an audio book is the technological way to learn. Kinesthetic learners should be encouraged to use video games and should be shown video demonstrations to learn the technological way. The customary classroom learning is just not enough, therefore going digital is important for parents.

Digital tools for parents and kids:

Parents should use digital tools that are not a part of their school learning. Learn yourself and teach your child to use online calendars to send reminders, make important notes and also organize their day using the to-do calendars. Watch your kids do wonders in quizzes, tests, assignments etc.

Stay updated and connected:

Are you still using the old method of phone calls to be in touch with your friends? If yes, then it’s time you amend your ways and bring Linked In, Facebook and Twitter into your life. Stay on top of the trend to avoid feeling out of place in the world of technology.

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