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Who Are Stay At Home Digital Parents?
A stay at home digital parents can be referred to as those parents who are at home to look after their kids but they also have to ensure that they are fully versed in digital parenting in addition to real life parenting. This is a role that in fact, all parents have to take on, irrespective of whether they are working from home or have taken a break for kids or who have chosen to be full time parent to their children. Such parents can be found everywhere, irrespective of location or region. Though there isn’t much difference between a stay at home parent and a stay at home digital parent, it is just that the latter’s role is much more vital in today’s age.
Today, children as young as two years are into tablets, games, television, and so on. Many a times, parents themselves allow their very young children to play with computers, phones or tablets so that they remain occupied for the time the parents can do their work. Often, such ‘play time’ leads to habits that turn into addiction. That’s where; being a digital parent can be of help.
How to be a stay at home digital parent?
When you are there with the kids 24 x 7, chances are that there is too much snooping, checking and interfering which may not by liked. That will lead to disobedience and hiding things which can be harmful for the safety of children. So, what you can do is maintain a distance but at the same time, hover around without disturbing. Few ground rules can help both you and your children from infringing on each other’s territory.
Set limits: You can set up a time when they can access net, play games or chat on their phone. A time when you are free to sit around with your kids will be more apt as you can also keep a check on which sites they are accessing and find about the games they are playing. In this way, you do not have to worry about constantly being after them to put away their digital devices.
Plan their day: As you are at home and you know your children’s daily routine, you can plan their day in such a way that they are occupied all the time and that they have a balanced life that comprises work and play, both indoor and outdoor. You know their interests, so take them to a class for the same. In this way, they will spend less time digitally and more time in the real world.

Ensure discipline, never enforce it: As a parent, you have to see to it that your children follow the rules that you set and respect the boundaries you have drawn but do not be too strict. Give them flexibility where required and learn with each occasion. It is best to involve the children in all decision matters, so that they feel they too are part of the process.
Opt for limited internet package: Instead of opting for unlimited internet packages, go for limited ones. You have to tell your children that they will be given only so much bytes for a month and that they have to use it responsibly. If it gets over before the month gets over, they wouldn’t get a refill until the first of next month. That alone should limit internet usage.

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