Impact of Technology on Kids

Today, technology has become an indispensible part of our lives. We just cannot imagine life without it. The most powerful of it is internet. It has made our lives so easy and convenient that we use it almost every day. One can book tickets online, connect with friends, shop and many other things trough internet service. It is true that it has changed our way of living and had made difficult things easy and simple. But we cannot keep our growing kids away from this. It is observed that now-a-days, kids as small as 2 or 3 year old knows about Google, Facebook and other things. They are curious and one cannot keep them away from these technological developments.

Learning Games for Kids – the New Age Mode of teaching

Are you having a difficult time teaching your kids? Make learning fun time for your child and get best results. Kids learn things better and quicker when learning is done through interesting mediums such as games. Learning games are educative and fun and sometimes kids love them so much that it’s hard to make them log out of that game.

Learning games come in various forms such as word games, card games, video games, online games and many more.

Word games are popular and can help your children learn more words. And when they come across difficult words, kids look up the dictionary and learn their meaning and definitions. While crosswords are loved by adults, you could find simple crosswords for children in educational books. Parents could make own crosswords according to child’s lessons or even involve kids while solving crosswords and make them learn new words every day. Card games are fun too and can help your kids have a better knowledge about math, geography, sports etc. with various flash card games. Educational games also come in form of video games. Technology now pampers our kids with various choices of games and has some of favorite characters of kids solving math problems or teaching them a lesson from their syllabus.


Why should children play learning games?

If learning is fun, kids tend to learn more and thus will do well in school. While kids may love certain subjects, they hate to learn some of them if they feel it is too boring.  Identify the problem areas and pick a suitable game and make a boring subject interesting for your child.

Don’t limit the games to internet or video games, teach your kids to go out and arrange various activity games for themselves. Children will run around during such games which will burn their energy and your child will sleep well and feel more active and rejuvenated to learn every morning.

Organize learning games with group of kids which can help your child learn social skills. Especially if the group of kids is of different age groups, younger ones can learn from older kids and older kids can learn to care about the younger ones.  This will also help kids learn about team work and teach them to work together to attain a goal.

Making learning fun with games is extremely beneficial for kids as it offers various challenges to them and makes your child brighter each time he solves a puzzle or wins a game .It encourages children to take up more games or participate in more activities and learn better.

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