Sharing your story: The new parenthood mantra


Parenthood is supposed to be a major leap of growth in any adult’s life- and the lifestyle too. During the previous generation, every parent was over keen to show off the various skills of his/her progeny and to collect plaudits. Though, there have been social gathering where people, and so the parents too, gather and share the various stories of their marital and domestic lives. This might be a very made up one, as parenting was considered to be a very personal affair, and “if I know how to generate a life, I know the best how to go about parenting” was the main mantra. Somehow, all that has changed, especially with the changing dynamics of the times- the complete shift of the archetypes in any field, that quite very well includes the parenting part too. Also, has the sheer pervasion of the technology too has changed the mindset of a typical adult, more so as a parent.

The many advantages of parent-parent meetings

Those times have long gone when people met on a regular basis and shared the happenings about them- both in terms of listening and uttering. But the modern parents are fast waking up to the fact that by simply reading books related to parenting and going through a psychologist’s articles would not do the trick- to live and optimize their role as a parent. So, time scarcity might being a big factor, certain sections of parents are making that extra effort to reach out to other parents and share their stories and the many situations they find themselves in. And the most amazing discovery of this step is, at the end of the day, a large chunk of the challenges being faced by all of them are so much similar! This would only boost their efforts to continue doing so, apart from being a good social interaction platform.

Giving the future parenting a direction

As mentioned, there were no guidelines for the parents of the previous generation to follow. But this step of being open about everything related to parenting is not only a beginning to face the challenges of the parenthood more readily, but also giving way for a rough path to be followed by the future parents. This is a personal-cum-societal act of goodness!

With the social media taking multiple roles is yet another use of it that can be availed to satisfy the purpose of doing and attaining something worthwhile in one’s life and growth. The many a site like is giving the current day parents to voice their concerns and try to get a solution through the many a response or the possible options to be considered to tackle the problem related to parenting. This is truly a very positive and healthy step taken by the responsible parents.

More and more parents need to wake up to this aspect of dealing their role as a parent to ensure that there is quality upbringing of their precious ones.



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