The smart parent mantra- adopt the technology with both arms


One would actually wonder where the question of adding the adjective ‘smart’ arises from. To be parents, one has to be smart at the outset; because to procreate, manage and shape a life is all about smartness in its many a variations and situations. But in today’s times, it is about a smartness which is a lot about the technology and its smart use that has become a necessity. So you current time parents, get yourself abreast of not only all about the parenting tips, but also all those geeky spread of equipment that once seemed to have extracted a shake of the head and a ”huh’ in sheer annoyance!


The various technology-based parenting tips

  1. Taking your baby for an outing is a must for every parent every day. Even if you are exhausted to do so, the shrill of cry demanding one by your child would be the reminder. So, ensure you get yourself a baby stroller, not the old drab one that makes you feel like pushing a cart, but the one that is like riding a scooty! That way, it would be fun, and a lot on inconvenience to let go!
  2. Your kitchen is where you would require to spending more time than usual, because of the regular needs for your kids nutritional requirement. This could range from making a vegetable or a corn soup, or some omelets that he relishes. So, make sure you are equipped in your kitchen to give these activities the time they deserve- and no more. You could go for equipment like a vegetable chopper, or an egg whisker for quickening the pace of the task, before your child has a chance to change his mind!
  3. Kids can be in need for your company even during your cooking time. So make sure you could have something to distract their attention by handing them equipment like a stainless steel Finger guard. They would entice him as of having something solid in his hand and also ensure that no hurt or scratches are caused. Good for your fingers too!
  4. The technology as has entered your life so full fledged, so it will in your child’s life too. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the computer games he is playing and the sites he is surfing on. With the easy access to the net, thanks to your PC and mobiles can be detrimental. So, ensure you lock your mobiles and PCs when back home and when the machines being in all its possibility to be in the access of the kid, even when you are not in sight.
  5. Now, gaming becoming a rage with the little ones and stopping the kids too much can easily back fire on you. So, try to look for the latest games that you think can help your child in some way or the other. Like, there are games that although in the digital mode can encourage your child to go outside and play, or that of learning skills as simple as nursery rhymes.

Parenting has always been a tricky technology, and in today’s times even more. So, make yourself tech-savvy to be updated to be the smart parent!



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