Thank God for Internet!


For anything and everything. If internet were a brand, this should be its tagline.

As a first time parent, it has been a blessing to have the online world on my fingertips.

The first time I realised the worth of internet was I started working in the early years of last decade, which was also the time when social media was introduced and picked up pace. I am talking about the Orkut days. It was a boon to have been introduced to the online world (actually hats off to the previous generation of journos who had to slog day in and day out for the same without any assistance unlike today). However, the real blessing that internet is, dawned on me when I got pregnant.

Though there are amazing books in the market on the subject, I did not have the time or the patience to go through an entire book. Till date, a lot many pregnancy books are lying unfinished with me. Whatever the reason, I could just log on to Google and read it to my satisfaction. What to eat, what not to eat, whether to drive a car during pregnancy, what would happen if I wore high heels in that state, how many times could I climb the stairs in a day…basically what to expect when expecting…I simply didn’t have the time to read an entire book and then memorise it page by page to be able to have all the answers. I would instead look it up online, just like several other mothers. Living in a nuclear family set-up, we did not have our support system of family or elders with us all the time. So, we were learning along the way. Then came the baby. It was a joy to see her grow, but as parents we were always on tenterhooks wondering why she cries when she cries, is she gassy, does she need food, what can those marks on her skin mean, and thousand such questions were answered by internet in a jiffy. The online communities of parents in similar situations helped a great deal too.

Earlier, I was always cautious of buying things online, but now as a mother to an extremely demanding child, I know shopping online is for people like me…short on time and patience. I can book tickets, buy grocery, search places and people, all online from the comfort of my home at my pace. When I am done reading books to my toddler, I again go online to know how I can engage her more in activities that are fun and educating at the same time. I can also speak to my parents and siblings staying in different parts of India and even see them in real time.

Modern day parents who are well-heeled and working ensure they keep an eye on their wards through cameras installed at home. There have been so many instances of parents having caught their child’s nanny abusing their child in their absence, all due to the power of technology.

As a first time mother living without a support system of extended family, I do think internet is like manna from the heaven. I am sure most parents in my kind of situation will agree hands down with me. Having said that, we humans have a tendency to spoil all our precious gifts. The online world is no exception to this. More on that in the next blog. Keep reading!


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Anu Bhambhani

Having worked with some of the leading names in the publishing industry, Anu is now an independent editorial consultant. After working for over 11 years, she is now working from home to be able to look after her little girl. When she is not writing (her first love), she is happy cooking, reading and learning nursery rhymes, a new one everyday to keep her toddler entertained and of course taking family vacations!

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