Why a Book? Why Not An eBook?

Ever since we were kids, we have been taught to read and write on pages, on slates and on blackboards. We flipped the pages of a book and tore them in scorn. We wrote utter nonsense on slates and blackboards, knowing completely that if we made any mistake, we would be able to erase it off the surface. So as time passed, we became more and more acquainted with technology and obsessed with the idea that you could read a story without holding an actual book in your hand.

Children these days, too, do not want to hold a book, for in their eyes, book equals studies which is not always the case. They prefer playing games on the phone or tablet or gunning their way through imaginary streets in computer games rather than lifting a book and drowning in the sea of words and their stories. The sad part is that it is not only children, but also adults who prefer to be technologically active rather than just sit down with a cup of coffee and a book once in a while.


The beauty of reading an actual book lies in the strong backbone or the soft but flexible cover of a book, in the crisp rustle of the pages and in the fact that you can flip through the pages and live the story being told. Romantic reasons for picking up a book are plenty and it is not to say that ebooks do not have their own reasons to be read, but here are a few reasons why it has always been and will always be better to read a hard copy of the story as a book.

  1. You can collect books.
  2. A book can be a gift, a memory. You can write your message on the inside of a book and rest assured that that person will treasure the book and the message it holds for all of eternity.
  3. Reading a book has a lesser effect on the eye of the reader than does an ebook. Ebooks have the combined power to damage the eye: the act of reading plus the glare of the screen.
  4. Scrolling through an ebook on a tablet or a phone can never be as fulfilling as flipping through the pages of a book.
  5. You can bookmark sections of your book. Not to say that ebooks do not hold that facility, but looking at a piece of paper sticking out through the pages is far better than bookmarking a certain section on the ebook and forgetting all about it later.
  6. You can delete ebooks at will, but a book will forever have a piece of your heart.

This does not mean that an ebook is far less useful than its printed counterpart. It might save time and storage might be easier, but if you want your children to know the joys of getting emotionally attached to a character and a story, engage them in reading sessions of an actual book. Show them the beauty of books and see the change it brings about.

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