How Rubina felt when she sent her child to daycare

Most of the working parents face the dilemma whether to send their child to a daycare or hire a nanny while they are gone for work.

I’m also a full time working mom and had to go through this challenge. It wasn’t an easy task. When you keep hearing from others that children should be with their mothers or only with family members until they start going to school or they scare you with stories of children falling sick in daycares and many more such scary anecdotes, this can really get you worrying. Those with family support are the lucky ones as they can definitely choose not to send child to a daycare but what about those who don’t.  After many trial and errors with multiple babysitters, I finally chose a daycare for my one and half year old son. I wasn’t confident enough to leave my baby with a baby sitter at home, specially with all the viral videos spreading across the net showing child abuse by baby sitters. That’s quite scary to even think of. But I do know many parents who have installed cameras in their houses to monitor baby sitter and leave for office with the house locked from outside. Again, what will baby do whole day locked inside the house with a baby sitter? I had that question in my mind mainly because my son is a super active baby.

Channelizing a child’s energy correctly is very important. Definitely, maids won’t do much on that front and also they cannot really teach anything of importance to the child. When I started exploring daycare options, I had to face the challenge of convincing my husband that day care will be best fit for our child. In a good daycare, they have quite a few activates lined up for children based on age group which actually helps to keep children occupied. Finally, I convinced my husband and we decided to send our son to a day care. We chose a daycare, which was closer to our office. Luckily, our work area is very close to each other.


Initial days were tough, it’s very difficult to see our little boy cry while we leave him at daycare. I used to go in between and sneak a peek at day care just to make sure he was all right. I felt good to see my son following teacher’s instructions. Because I only know how difficult it is to make him sit in one place for more than a minute.

It’s been a month now and we already see progress in him. He doesn’t cry anymore while we drop him to daycare.  Happy me! Now the next challenge for me is to decide on what to send for his tiffin. I pack nearly minimum 4 boxes of tiffin for him, 11:00AM one meal + 3:30PM1 meal + 5:30 snacks. But I’m glad that he is eating very well and sleeping properly at daycare. What else do I need?

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