Educating the Child the technical way

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Education has reached a proportion that hardly any other sector or even an industry could come even close to. With the awareness of education, the child education has taken the center stage. What the modus of Child education that was a couple of decades back can no longer be valid, as the inflow of information and knowledge has grown to mountainous proportions. So, a textbook of class ten would be seen with keenness and even with a gesture of an acknowledgement of its content now. As the average kid has an access to the tech submerged world of computers and mobiles, educating by merely going through the monotonous pages of a text book prescribed in the curriculum would be underfeeding the growing up minds!

Child Education: The Technology is the way

As the exposure to all aspects of life to a kid in the next block, thanks to the digital mediums like computers and the various mobile apps, education has to undergo a change. In fact the obvious results are already to be seen. In many a schools the text books are already being supplemented by the addition of many a software. And the teachers and the Education department is ensuring that all steps be taken to implement them, in all its probabilities.

The concept of e-classrooms are not only for the colleges and the big universities, but have seeped into the realm of the schools. There are already many institutions that are patronizing this mode of education. The result being, the spread and reach of the education all across, across the geographical stretch, benefiting many a multitudes of children. The children can now have access to all the tutorials online, through tech channels like Skype. It is not only a digitalization of education, but also a revolution of sorts. Now, more and more children can avail the right to be educated. Especially in the developing countries where commuting and economic situation of the kids mostly stops them from having even the basic education, this has provided the much required respite and a sharp increase in the education numbers!

There is now the concept of “flipping the classroom” that means that even before the child is taught the formal curriculum content, he/she is introduced to a formal introduction using this technology tools to give the student the actual feel and the importance of the topic to be covered. So much so for the intellectual part of it, the very fact that the students enjoy these sessions to the core because they are not just the drab reproduction of the content but a live participation of theirs in the whole set up. They can immediately point out areas of their interest or difficulty, both the teachers’ and their own to understand the session. As a result of these novelties has been deduced that the interest and involvement levels of kids has gone up considerably.

Now comes the question of preparing the teachers. How to go about it? Sites like have provided the solution. It is using its Facebook-like program to acquaint the teachers and the future teachers to be equipped in handling such sessions. Now, the teachers are encouraged to use ipads and the technical notepads in the class. This is for the time and the convenience factor. The teachers can make quick notes of their feedback and observations regarding the session and the student’s behavior towards that particular subject or session.

Also, the use of technology ensures that the student can learn at the pace that is best suited to his ability, as all students are not of the same inclination and intelligence.

Using Gaming as a technology tool for child education

Gaming has caught fancy of a whole generation of kids today. So, one very intelligent step taken by the technology honchos is to use this interest of children for the educational purpose. To teach them in a mode most pleasant to them! There are many game education sets that are available that help a child to be aware of the topics, especially at the elementary education level. Like the rhymes and the introduction to the alphabets. Giving them the shape of a game not only helps them learn but inspires them to go back to them for a repeated brush of the topic most willingly!

Thus, technology, in spite of having a virtual feel to it, has made a grand entry into the educational development of the modern child! It is the case of happy learning, truly and technologically!



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